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1891 open boltMauser bolt and actionModel 1891 Argentino

MAUSER Modelo Argentino 1891 Rifle


Argentina 1891 Mauser chambered in a 7.65 x 53mm cartridge in very good condition with matching serials numbers.

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Product Description

Manufactured by Ludwig Lowe and later DWM, it is chambered in a 7.65 x 53 mm cartridge, with a 29.1” barrel and a 5-round magazine. Most M1891 Mausers found in the U.S. have had the Argentine crest ground off the top of the receiver (typically in the 1960’s) Many are in excellent condition and were probably never issued. The bolt is a straight and has the enlarged safety lever. The price reflected is for matching serial numbers – Receiver, bolt, barrel and stock are matched numbers. While not a collectors Mauser (lacking the Argentina crest, with the crest the price doubles), it would be desirable for a Mauser shooter or builder.